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Classic Coats for Fall & Winter

Over the past year or two, my jacket and coat collection has evolved from three (yes, three) to something more resembling twelve. Before you think that it sounds excessive, I…

Style, Winter

The Perfect Winter Skirt

Up until this year, I really didn’t own any skirts. I know that sounds a little bit insane, but I’ve just never felt like I can pull them off very…

Style, Winter

The Coziest Winter Cape Scarf

Things are starting to feel pretty festive around here…and that includes the weather! It looks like Chicago has officially caught on that it is winter (although, I wouldn’t be mad…

Style, Winter

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The first snowfall of the year is here in Oxford (and seemingly the rest of the midwest), which means I made myself late to class digging around my room for…