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Essentials of the Week!

ice cream summer inspiration

Welcome to August, friends! Does anyone know what age it is that you stop feeling like you should be stocking up on fresh new school supplies and filling out a new agenda as soon as August rolls around? I had some seriously nostalgic moments this morning thinking back on those incredible summers growing up where your only responsibilities were sleeping in, eating junk food while your parents were at work, lounging by the pool and watching tv shows like Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh. Anyone else?!


Those were the days…


Anyway, back to reality – this week was honestly pretty uneventful (with a weekend coming up that will match it, most likely). Summers in Chicago can feel like a bit of a social calendar marathon, and every once in a while I just get burnt out. I’m looking forward to catching up on some books and movies!


Here are my essentials from this week:


ice cream summer inspiration


one | how to hit the reset button (the way successful women do)

Being in sales, I deal with basically a constant mix of highs and lows in my job every single day. For every one time I get told yes, I probably get told no 10-15 times. If I sat around and let them all affect me for hours on end, I’d be out of a career pretty quickly. I loved these tips for how to use the “20-minute rule” to be as successful as possible in your life, even when you’re dealing with setbacks!


two | chic concert outfits to wear this summer

Whether you’re heading to a festival (like Lollapalooza taking over Chicago this weekend) or worshipping at the altar of Beyoncé during one of her amazing performances – one of the most fun parts of a concert is the outfit! I LOVED these outfit inspirations for what to wear to your favorite shows the rest of this summer. I already saved a few to my Pinterest for ideas later on!


three | Robin Williams’ beautiful mind

I grew up watching Robin Williams, and absolutely cherish his work to this day. I cannot wait to watch this HBO Documentary detailing his life and mind, including an in-depth exploration of what made him tick – and what likely led to his heartbreaking end. Keeping in theme with drawing attention to mental illness, if you’re looking for an amazing new documentary or movie to cuddle up and watch this weekend, this is what’s on my list.


four | limiting the time you scroll 

I’ll admit I was completely surprised when I stumbled upon this article this week. Maybe I’m just totally behind the game and this is old news to everyone – but I had no idea that Facebook & Instagram were introducing “time limit features”. The article goes into more detail, but essentially it will allow you to set “parental controls” on yourself to limit the amount of time you scroll and spend on the app every day. Much-needed? Or setting themselves up to fail? I personally think it’s a bold move to limit the amount of time users spend on your own product…but I also see the need for it (especially being a blogger!)



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