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The 5 Most Essential Items In My Beauty Routine

Growing up, I was never the girl who was super “in the know” or very involved in things like makeup, cosmetics, and beauty. If I’m being honest – I’m still very much a newbie compared to a lot of people that I know, but I’ve always preferred to keep things simple! I try to focus on just the essential items that help me look and feel my best, without betraying my natural look.


That said, since I’ve entered my 20’s I’ve definitely been spending a lot more time researching and learning as much as I can about the best ways to take care of my body, both inside and out. I’m hoping to share a more in-depth post soon (or possibly break it down by category?!) because I’ve learned a lot through trial and error so far. For now, though, I wanted to pass along the five most essential items that I use every single day that now have me questioning how I ever went about my day without them!



Hair Products

To get things started, I wanted to focus first on the part of my body that was always the most frustrating to me – my hair! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought I was pretty blessed with the hair I got. It’s naturally curly, which used to drive me insane, but now that I’ve learned how to style it, I’ve realized I can get it to do just about anything…except grow to the length I want.


I tried everything. Biotin, different shampoos and conditioners that swear they help your hair grow, even those insane sugar bear hair gummies that are all over Instagram! I tried going a long time without a trim, and trying to get trims very frequently. No matter what I did, it seemed like my hair would get to a certain length and then stop every single time. If this sounds familiar to you and your struggles, you’re definitely going to want to try this:


one | Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner:

The bottle says you can use it weekly, or daily. I usually opt for every other day, and those are my favorite days because my hair comes out so incredible soft and smooth. You can grab it at any drugstore for ~$8, and they have a few different types depending on what your hair needs (volume, moisture, etc). Leave it in for 3 minutes in the shower – aka the length of one great shower song solo – and then rinse out regularly. Pro tip: I avoid my scalp because I felt it was a little heavy for that, and instead use my regular conditioner there. 


Technically, I’m squeezing in one more bonus product here, but the other major difference that helped me grow my hair was switching to a simple wide-tooth comb instead of a brush. My hair has stayed healthier, less damaged and broken, and grew much faster!


two | living proof full dry volume blast

I’m also not one to often opt for a lot of hair product, but this one has been a game changer lately, especially now that I’m wearing my hair curled a lot more often. Main perks: it smells amazing, it’s super lightweight and doesn’t leave your hair crunchy, and really adds a noticeable fluff and volume boost! I’ve also been using it as a dry shampoo. They sell a separate product for that purpose, but this one has honestly worked great for me, and you can’t beat 2 in 1 uses! The bigger bottle retails for ~$20, but I like keeping a travel-size bottle in my makeup bag too and those are cheaper!


For My Skin

Skincare was something that was genuinely brand new to me in my 20s. I’ve talked a little bit about it here, but I’ve always had incredible sensitive skin, and was pretty blessed with clear skin growing up too. That said, I knew when I entered my 20’s that even though I don’t require a lot of skin treatment, I’ve officially approached the age where I need to be taking preventative measures to help preserve and protect it!


three | Cera Ve Moisturizer

One of the things that has been most helpful for me in doing this has been incorporating a twice daily moisturizer (morning and night). Cera Ve has been beyond perfect for my sensitive skin, and I love how lightweight and smooth it goes on. It also includes a daily SPF which is so important to me!


four | BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation by bareMinerals

I have never worn a liquid foundation before now (and I actually didn’t start wearing foundation at all until senior year of college!) It took me a little while to get over feeling paranoid that it was even, but this foundation made all the difference. It goes on super lightweight which is perfect for summer, but doesn’t leave you looking or feeling cakey, which was my main concern with liquid foundation in general. I don’t wear makeup every single day, but I’ve been doing so more often depending on what’s going on in my schedule lately.


I wear it in Warm Natural 12 normally, but with my new summer tan (yay!) I’ve temporarily switched over to Sandalwood 15 to blend better.


five | MoroccanOil Body Buff 

I’ve recently been introduced to a couple of different products from MoroccanOil that I absolutely love, and I’m planning to share more soon, but this one absolutely tops the list. I use it once a week, sometimes twice, and it leaves my skin feeling so incredibly refreshed and smooth! I’ve noticed that certain parts of my skin (especially my arms and legs) have super uneven or dull patches, and this has cleared it up perfectly…not to mention it smells amazing!


I’ll admit, I was originally skeptical of many MorrocanOil products because to me the word “oil” is always intimidating, particularly for skin – but I’ve yet to encounter a single item that has left any sort of oily feeling or residue. If you want impossibly smooth skin, I’d recommend scooping up a jar of this! Pro tip: a little bit goes a long way with this. The price tag is a tad on the higher side, but the jar will last you an incredibly long time if used properly.


That’s about it! There are obviously plenty of other go-to’s, but if we were operating under the mindset of “choose only 5 products to use forever”, these would be my essentials hands down. Happy to answer any questions you have about anything, but hopefully I covered most of them above! Would love to hear in the comments what other types of products, beauty routines, or favorites you’d like to see featured on here soon!



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