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We made it through another week, friends! Is anyone else feeling really startled by the fact that next week is August?! I know the constant mentioning of how fast time flies by is a little bit overdone, but I seriously can’t get over it. Might as well start outfit planning for the holidays at this rate…


I got a lot of really great feedback from last week’s Friday post and the emphasis on mental health and body positivity. It’s something I’ve been trying to focus on more and more for myself, and I’m so excited that you guys loved seeing it too! I’m going to do my best to always incorporate that into these Friday Essentials posts from now on at least once or twice. If there are any other topics you’d love to see covered more regularly, please let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from all of you!


I’m looking forward to a fun weekend enjoying summer weather in the city and spending time with some new friends that have moved here recently. Sometimes when you’ve been in a place so long you forget about some of the things that excited you most when you were brand new!


What are your weekend plans? Here are my essentials of this week to get you started!



one | two weeks to a better body image

I’m always much harsher with myself in the warmer months about my body appearance (like most people). It’s always that unfair catch 22 where you feel more pressure to look your best, but your calendar is also filled with twice as many social obligations like brunches and parties where it’s hard to stay healthy! Rather than beating yourself up about having a well-deserved cookie or gigantic serving of waffles – take a quick look at these steps to having a better body image for yourself. It might sound cheesy, but it really will have a big impact!


two | banish dark circles for good

Also continuing along the trend I’m having of trying to learn more and more about my skin, I loved this article. I’ve always had dark circles from a number of things: insomnia for the majority of my life, bad sleeping habits in general, and a vein under my eye (which I personally love) that can often cause me to look like I have a black eye when combined with an everyday dark circle. This article had some interesting research on why some people get these worse than others, and some great products to help counteract it that I’ll be trying out ASAP!


three | new on Netflix in August

One of the good parts of how fast time is flying by is that a new months means new arrivals on Netflix! Personally I’m most looking forward to No Reservations and Princess Diaries 2…what are you excited about?!


four | embrace the rain

In case you’ve got rain in your forecast this weekend (or if you just want to see an adorable and hilarious video) this should make you smile! Sometimes a rainy day can be a fun thing, if you do it right.


Happy weekend!



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