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4 Things I Always Keep In My Gym Bag

4 Things I Always Keep in my Gym Bag

Finding time to incorporate regular workouts into your routine is so difficult when you try to balance it with the rest of your schedule. There are so many ways that a workout can suddenly become “too inconvenient” in conjunction with your other plans. Early meetings? Need to look presentable. Dinner or happy hour plans? Won’t have time to wash my hair! My workout routine consists of a couple of different things, so I tend to need different things with me depending on what I’m doing that day. This means that my gym bag needs to be prepared for just about everything, so that I can be, too!


Whether I’m rushing off to a Pure Barre class, doing some quick cardio and weight training, or something outside along the lakeshore, there are a couple of core things I always need to have with me. I tend to be pretty forgetful over certain things, so the only solution is to always be prepared for anything!


4 Things I Always Keep in my Gym Bag


Sweat-Proof Products

I’m forever envious of those people who can leave a workout and somehow have their hair still looking fresh and clean. Sometimes after Pure Barre I can get away with using my favorite dry shampoo, but for more intense workouts I need a full shower. I keep travel sizes of my products from home with me (I hate using the stuff they provide in locker rooms!) and have mastered a few quick and easy hairstyles that don’t require a lot of time or effort.



I was super skeptical about airpods when they first came out. I think we’ve definitely gotten to the point where they don’t look strange when you seem them around anymore, but I wasn’t sure how they’d stay in! I’m glad I took a chance and grabbed them, because now they go absolutely everywhere with me.


They stay in yours ears perfectly, even when you’re running! If you take one out to talk to somebody it pauses your music (and keeps going when you put it back). If you’ve been on the fence about them I say go for it! No more accidentally getting a cord caught on something and yanking headphones painfully out of your ears.


Emergency Essentials

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready to start my workout and realizing I’m missing one essential thing – a pair of socks, a headband, a sports bra, or sticky socks for Pure Barre. Depending on what it is, I’ve had to cancel my workout entirely because of it! I always keep a small essentials bag like this one or this one to carry an extra of these things for those forgetful days. I also keep some spare hair ties, extra deodorant, makeup wipes, and a mini-brush in there for quick touch-ups.


Portable Charger

Lately one of the best ways to make my cardio workouts fly by is by using that time to catch up on some of my favorite shows! This also means I’m running down my phone battery pretty quickly, though, so I always keep this portable charger with me to power back up for the rest of my day. It holds multiple full charges, too!


With all of these things in my bag ready to be grabbed as I head out the door for my day, I never have to worry about my workout interfering with my plans! It’s all to easy to sit there and use every social engagement as an excuse to skip the gym (especially in the summer) but if you get creative with your schedule you can totally make it work! (That said, definitely let yourself have a day off just for fun once in a while. You’ve earned it!) Going to the gym should feel like something great you do for your body, not something you do because you don’t like the way you look or feel.




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