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Workout Style for Your Resolutions

I talked a decent amount already about what I do instead of resolutions here, but I’m always trying to stay motivated to keep hitting the gym and making it to Pure Barre classes no matter what time of year it is! With this year’s “bomb cyclone” weather (or, a typical January in Chicago, ha!) I can imagine that I’m not the only one who has been having a really difficult time getting motivated to set one foot out the front door, nonetheless to a fitness class!


I have definitely been guilty already of skipping a couple of days (though being very sick was an excuse at first) but thankfully when I do succumb to the Chicago cold I have been doing some at-home video workouts to make up for it. The downside of doing it at home is that no one gets to see your cute outfits!


One of the best ways to feel extra motivated to head to a class in person is by showing off some stylish new workout gear, and my fitness wardrobe was in major need of an upgrade. I told myself for most of last year that if I could meet my personal fitness goals and go to class consistently I would reward myself with some new leggings and tops…and thankfully that was motivation enough!



Here’s what I’ve got my eye own to help you style your fitness resolutions the right way…


Whatever your fitness goals might be, it can’t hurt to look amazing while you do it! I’m thinking of incorporating a new goal of hitting an extra 2,000 steps every day that I’m not exercising…which might mean a lot of pacing around my apartment because goodness knows I won’t be walking out in this freezing weather!



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