Wanderlust by 25

Travel has not always been something I’ve totally loved. Of course, vacations are amazing – but up until about two years ago the actual process of getting there was enough to keep me from clicking the “Book My Trip” button on more than one occasion…It’s safe to say, though, that my wanderlust in my 20’s has only continued to grow now that I’m over my travel fears.


We took most of the second half of 2o17 off from traveling (we were pretty worn out from the constant flights while we were still doing a long distance relationship) but now I’m feeling ready to stamp my passport again and travel more in 2018. So far I only have one trip on the books for my 25th birthday coming up (crazy!) but I’ve got my eye on a few more places to find space for in the calendar.


Of course, I don’t have an unlimited budget and do have to keep a full-time job in mind, but with a little patience and a lot of planning I can assure you that even with these constraints you can make your travel dreams come true every year.


Here are some places I’m hoping to get to – many of these I told myself I want to visit by the time I turn 25, but I think within the same year still counts, right?!


British Virgin Islands | This has been on my list ever since I first heard about them when I was a little kid. My parents went a few times and my dad was always sure to bring back little souvenirs for me that I collected over time. It’s definitely #1 on my list to hit before (or while) I’m 25  – and I can’t wait to go island hopping! It’s also a great time to visit because the islands really need help boosting their tourism after the hurricanes, so it’s more affordable than normal and would still be helping them get back on their feet!


Puerto Rico | It’s safe to say this one has become an official tradition for me, and I love that! I fall more in love with Puerto Rico every time I visit, and I was so worried it wouldn’t be a possibility this year after the hurricanes, but thankfully it is! I’m currently working on a plan while we’re down there to spend some of our time helping re-build or give back in some way. My cousin said that many areas don’t even look like a storm hit, but that there is plenty more work to be done, too.



Charleston | I have been trying to get back to Charleston for the last few years, and for one reason or another it keeps not panning out. I have decided that no matter what, I’m making it happen this year! Dalton has also never been, so I can’t wait to show him why I’m so in love with the city and surrounding areas. I would be thrilled to live there some day. It’s definitely on my list…



Seattle | Another spot that has been lingering here for a while, I’ve been meaning to get out to Seattle ever since my brother moved there with his (now fiancé, soon to be wife in April!) and now that they’ve got a house there’s really no excuse! I’ll likely be waiting until after some of the wedding madness dies down and save this one for later in the year, but from what I can tell it’s an incredible city to explore and be active in! (Plus, I’ve been a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan since day one and that would make the trip that much sweeter for me! I really want to visit the skyline view from the park they always show in the episodes).


Boston (in the Fall) | I have been in love with Boston in the fall ever since visiting with my family during my freshman year of high school, and I think it’s about time I stop living through my memories and take another trip! I’ve been trying to convince Dalton to come with me and he doesn’t seem as sold on the idea…but to be honest, I will happily go by myself or with some girl friends because I am determined! I can’t wait to explore the parks again, and some of the areas I didn’t get to see, too! So many amazing restaurants, bars, public markets, and maybe a sprinkle of tourist activities too.



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