My Most-Used Essentials of 2017!

While everyone else is more than ready to look forward and leave 2017 in the dust, I personally think last year was one of my best yet! I’m hoping that trend continues…but while we’re all trapped inside with colder weather and a slightly emptier social schedule, I was reflecting on some of the products and essentials I used the most throughout 2017 (and plan to carry with me into this year, too!)


Of course, this isn’t a list of every single item I love, but these ten items are by far my most-loved essentials that I now can’t seem to go anywhere without! Each one has been a total and complete game-changer for me.



The Most Amazing Hair Dryer | This was admittedly a new addition to my arsenal as an early Christmas gift, but now I don’t know how I ever got by without it! My entire life I have always dreaded the tedious task of having to dry and style my hair  – and was totally one of the people who tried to line up my social commitments to my hair washing schedule. With this, I’ve noticed I’m washing my hair a little bit extra so that it is always shiny and fresh, just because this dryer is such a time-saver and works so quickly! My hair has also never dried so straight and smooth in my life. #Obsessed


My Go-To Sunnies | You’ve probably seen these in…just about every single outfit post or Instagram I’ve posted this year. I love nice sunnies as much as the next girl, but I like that these aren’t so expensive that I worry too much about losing or damaging them, and they’ve held up perfectly!


Portable ChargerI actually have two of these…I usually try to keep them in separate bags but I’ve been known to keep two on hand because 10/10 times a friend will ask to use one, too! These charge my phone so quickly, and my phone can never last a full day on its own. Easily the most essential item on this list, and that way I never have to worry about being without a phone!


Conditioning Mask | I’ve been trying to take better care of my hair this year, and no matter how many deep conditioning masks I’ve tried, none come anywhere close to this. Plus, it only takes 3 minutes in the shower! So many others left my hair feeling oily. This one is the best and an official hair care essential for me.


Favorite Scented Candle | After visiting a spa in the city with this scent around every corner, I knew I had to have it. I’ve never burned through a candle faster! The smell is amazing (and the candle is pretty, too!)


Best-Kept Brow SecretI’m slowly learning more and more about makeup. I still never want to be one of those people who wears a ton of it, but it’s fun realizing that just because I tried one product first doesn’t mean it is the best of the best! I was introduced to this recently, and my brows have never looked so good!


Take-Anywhere Tote | This one has really been on this list for at least two years, but I’ll happily keep it here for many more to come! I use this tote every single day, and it’s always the perfect fit for whatever I need. Plus, you know I love a good monogram!


Steamer | This thing is super lightweight, portable and the easiest thing ever to use. (Dalton has even approved of how user-friendly it is, and he honestly needs it more than I do!)


Lip Color | Wearing lip colors was a new thing for me this year, and this one felt bold at first! I love how smooth it goes on, and the color holds perfectly.


Prettiest Feminine Scent | I started wearing this halfway through 2016 and I still haven’t stopped! The smell is so light and fresh, without being too overpowering or floral.


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