Essentials of the Week!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you guys have had a better week than me. This was just one of those weeks for me where every time something went wrong, 3 more things followed immediately after. I always try to tell myself it’s better to get all of your bad luck/karma out in one fell swoop and get it over with, so here’s hoping that I’m all set for at least the next three months?! (A girl can dream).


Seriously, though – I’m sorry that posts were MIA this week! I decided that with all of the difficulties I was having it was a good week to practice a little self-care and give myself a break. I’ve been heading to bed early, meditating more, and drinking a lot of tea. I’m happy to say that it was honestly life-changing, and I feel so much better!


Here are my essentials for this (thankfully, over) week:



1. A Dreamy Beach Bungalow Tour | I love looking at all the house tours on here, but this one is just too amazing. All I need to go with it is an unlimited budget and a never-ending vacation…right?!


2. Change Your Day | In keeping with the topic of self-care, these tips were super helpful and many of them were things I’ve been incorporating into my nightly routine (if they weren’t already). I highly recommend giving them a shot…especially considering these grey winter months can get pretty bleak emotionally/mentally!


3. My New Favorite Accessory | My favorite keychain broke out of nowhere about 6 months ago, and for some reason I have taken forever to replace it. Then I found this adorable little personalized one, and I’m obsessed!


4. The Song I Can’t Stop Playing | My friend showed me this song earlier this week and I honestly couldn’t resist sharing it! I’ve had it on repeat non-stop. Perfect to kick off your weekend!


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