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Essentials of the Week - January 2018

Essentials of the Week!

Happy Friday! It always feel like such a marathon trying to trudge to the end of the week after the holidays, doesn’t it?! Despite being home for about a full week now, I still feel like my routine is all thrown off and I can’t get into the swing of things. Hopefully next week will be the turning point – as much as I’d love to stay in vacation mode forever!


Despite feeling like I’m operating at around 50% – this week has been crazy. Between trying to get everything rolling again at work, keeping up on the blog and creating all of the new content I’m so excited to share with you, and working on things like my new fitness goals, whenever I stop moving or doing something I realize just how tired I am! (I still don’t think I’d change a second of it, though!)


Hopefully this weekend will bring some much-needed rest and recuperating before things kick off running again on Monday. What are your weekend plans?! I’m going to be curled up on the couch planning out the details for my birthday trip this year…details to come soon!


Here are my essentials from this (weird and crazy) week!

1. Taking Technology To a Personal Level | I honestly thought this was just an incredibly interesting read. My entire family gave each other Amazon Alexa products for Christmas (like, I had to exchange two because I already had a third…) and it is definitely fascinating to see how companies like Amazon are taking into consideration how people will behave and feel with these new robots in our homes. It’s not something I would have considered on my own, but this article was very well written.


2. Life Handbooks for Just About AnythingAs someone who never had sisters (but had a whole army of brothers – I’ve always appreciated and looked up to the idea of having a big sister to bounce ideas off of. I think these handbooks the Everygirl has published are incredible – and they cover so many topics. Definitely operates as a great way to get advice when making big decisions!


3. The BEST Smelling Candle | I don’t often find myself physically going into the Madewell store downtown (or any store, for that matter. Almost exclusively an online shopper unless there’s a boutique I need to explore!) But I’m so glad I wandered in a few weeks ago! This candle seriously smells so good it’s addicting! I’ve already almost burned through it because I’ve got it going at all times!


4. Something To Make You Smile | I couldn’t stop laughing at this adorable video of a pup finding a very unique way to play through all of this snow we’ve been having!


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