Traditions + A Holiday Season Bucket List

For those of you who like to wait until post-Thanksgiving to start getting into the holiday spirit…welcome! I’ve been in full Christmas mode for over a week!


I’ve honestly always loved Christmas more than just about anyone I know, with the exception of my mother who probably passed her obsession on to me at a very early age. I still do my best to honor some of our most special traditions, but over the years have started a few new ones of my own to add to the mix, too!


The first one of these newer traditions is on our agenda this week and I’ve been counting down the days! Here’s a little background for you on my new (possibly favorite) holiday tradition here in Chicago:


Last year, we were walking the city after Thanksgiving trying to work off some of those calories (and checking out a sale or two) when we stumbled upon the Christkindl Market (German Christmas Market) downtown! Talk about a magical find…it was like happening upon the North Pole nestled between all of the tall buildings and lights!


PS – my understanding is that a lot of cities and suburbs have these, so it’s worth looking up if you don’t live in Chicago!



Naturally, like a little kid in a candy store, I hustled across the street into the square to take in all of the sights, shops, stalls, and smells. The fire-roasted chestnuts, spiced wines, apple ciders, and other treats were overwhelming, and there were so many cute Christmas decorations trees and lights. I seriously think I could have spent an entire day there – and this was during a particularly chilly Chicago winter, day!


We found a really special ornament store with a ton of different options, and decided that it might be cool to make this an annual trip where we get a new ornament each year for our tree. That way, someday, we will have a full tree full of ornaments with special meanings and memories for us!


We put up our tree the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and our ornament from last year was first to be hung. Be on the lookout on Instagram stories later this week for this year’s find! I love our special little tradition already, and it’s a perfect addition to so many that I’ve kept from my childhood. What are some of your favorite or most special holiday traditions?! I’d love to hear them and get more ideas!


I’ve also made a holiday bucket list to help get you in the spirit now that December is almost upon us!



PS – Here’s a little video on the Christkindl Market here in Chicago…how adorable is this?!





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