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Essentials of the Week!

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your weeks went more smoothly than mine…I swear, the minute the holidays start approaching, everything flings into chaos! I’m writing this cozied up with hot chocolate and about six candles burning while I binge watch the shows I haven’t had time to catch up on in weeks, and man…does it feel good.


I’m not exactly cheering on the temperatures to drop, but I won’t pretend I don’t love being cozy and warm with blankets, candles and some super rich hot cocoa. There’s just nothing like it!


Here’s to a peaceful weekend with a lot more cozying up. Is anyone else secretly loving the excuse to bundle up under blankets and hide away inside?? Bueller?



1. 90’s Hair | I was cracking up laughing watching this video of 2000s born kids trying out “all the rage” 90’s hair products. Does anyone else remember the wand that is supposed to braid your hair for you?? That had to result in so many girls gaining bald spots, I swear. It was particularly funny because my best friend got a product like this stuck in her hair in college….for hours. She had to go to a salon to get it out! (You know who you are, friend – hi!)


2. Beat Daylight Savings | It can be tricky, especially after Daylight Savings hits, to be willing to get out of bed or feel motivated throughout the day. It’s dark when we leave for work, and dark when we head home…and our bed is just so much warmer. These tips for starting your day off right and motivated are going to come in clutch – trust me!


3. The Cutest Way Pups Are Finding Forever Homes | Well-known fact: I love dogs way more than humans. They’re the best, and there is no arguing that fact. Also a huge fan of Harry Potter – and I was loving the way someone combined the two to make a sad situation at an animal shelter something that was exciting, attention-grabbing, and led to more adoptions! Everyone wins, and it’s so cute.


4. My Go-To Winter Nail Color | This is honestly a year-round go-to for me, and I just had to order my third bottle in the last year. Yep – you read that correctly, but hey I’m not ashamed! An $8 bottle of nail polish certainly is more affordable than $35 manicures…snag this in time for the holidays to get a break from the never-ending parade of reds.


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