Essentials of the Week!

Happy Friday, friends! This week felt a little strange – did anyone else have a hard time shifting gears from October to November halfway through the week like that? I felt so sluggish on Wednesday and Thursday…the weekend couldn’t have come any sooner!


Personally, all I can think about is how dark it’s supposed to get on Sunday with Daylight Savings. Dark on the way to work, dark on the way home…I’ve got my mind in the clouds thinking up what fun beach vacation I plan around my birthday in March to have something to look forward to!


Here are some of my essentials from this week!




1. The Queen of Prep Just Got Preppier | Lilly Pulitzer announced this week that they’re adding monogramming! To be honest, when a friend sent me the article I assumed it was going to be for some excessive price addition, but it’s only a ten dollar difference. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any preppier – and just in time for some personalized holiday gifts!


2. Truly Deep Friendship | I’ve mentioned it on here a few times…but if there is any celebrity on earth that I would actually flip out to meet in person – it would be Selena Gomez. I’ve been keeping tabs on her health story surrounding Lupus and think it’s so incredible that she’s brought so much attention to the illness (I honestly knew basically nothing about it before she came forward!) But nothing is sweeter than her friend’s sweet sacrifice, and they finally gave an exclusive interview!


3. Hitting Pause | Things are about to get insane…we have a lot of holidays coming up, colder weather, darker days…and everyone’s calendars get packed this time of year! Make sure you’re still taking time to look after yourself and follow these steps to take care of yourself and your mental state to stay calm, cool and collected through all of the family and holiday madness!


4. The $15 Winter Accessory Your Closet is Screaming For | How freaking cute is this beanie?! I couldn’t believe it was only $15. I’m dying to have it in maroon – can you believe I bought my very first winter hat (above the age of 13, at least) only two years ago? Thanks for the re-introduction to winter, Chicago. I’ll be building that collection with this little piece.


5. Halloween Puppy Parade | The title really says it all, doesn’t it? I could watch parades like this weekly. Can we make that a thing? Kick your weekend off with some of this cuteness and a whole lot of laughs.


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