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Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! Admittedly, as I’ve gotten older I’ve sadly gotten a bit less into Halloween. I still love all of my fall traditions, favorite movies, excuses to make themed cookies & treats…but things like bars, costumes and halloween parties have definitely lost a bit of their shine to me.


That said, my eyes are already focusing on the other side of Halloween – the first day of freaking November. WHAT?! How, how, HOW is it possibly almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas? I


I swear, New Year’s Eve was only a few months ago. Time is flying by faster than ever, but I don’t feel as freaked out by that as I normally would because things have also been really content and happy in my little corner of the world.


I hope you’re all loving life as much as I am, lately! Here are my essentials of the week:



1. The Perfect (Most Affordable) Rain Boots! | Fun fact – I do not own rain boots. (See my comparison on Hunter Boots vs. Bean Boots for reasons why….) I do own Bean Boots but they feel way too winter-seasonal for these warmer months, and I have nothing else to wear! I finally decided this week to bite the bullet and get these super cute and functional Sam Edelman ones. The price was right, I love the brand and I’ve heard great things! Free shipping doesn’t hurt either.


2. Lessons from Gilmore Girls | Cue back to Thanksgiving last year when myself and just about every girl I know was tuning in to Netflix to binge watch the Gilmore Girls Reprise…I just re-watched the entire show from start to finish last month for probably the sixth time and I’m not even sorry. This article pretty much sums up why I can watch, learn and relate to these characters for life! Anyone with me?


3. The YouTube Rabbit Hole | I’ve never been a major Youtube watcher…especially not following specific channels consistently. I’m also deeply obsessed with Olympic gymnastics (unclear why, but I’ve fully embraced the obsession by now) and totally fell into a rabbit hole watching Shawn Johnson & Andrew East’s youtube channel. They’re so real, and sweet with each other and I just loved it! If you’re looking for something to binge, have at it.


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