Essentials of the Week!

We’ve made it to Friday, friends! This week was absolutely incredible…and incredibly exhausting! It was my first week at my new job and I am absolutely loving it so far! I’m always pretty change-hesitant (aren’t most people, though?) and this was no exception considering what a huge decision it was…but I couldn’t be happier!

Isn’t that the best feeling in the world, when you make a major decision and it ends up being confirmed that you made the right call? I’d say that calls for a well-earned happy hour tonight!

It got me thinking about some more career path posts and job-related advice I could be including here on the blog for those of you who are trying to make decisions like when to change industries or companies. Is that something you guys would be interested in reading?! Let me know in the comments below!

Here are my essentials for this week:


1. The Best News for Your Home, Ever | I love decorating…and have officially grown to understand why my mom became an interior designer. Having a never-ending list of rooms to decorate? Sign me up!! If you haven’t heard already, Chip & Joanna Gaines have collaborated with Target for a new line, and I want to buy all of it.

2. The COZIEST Lightweight Sweater for Fall | I am so in love with the tie-cuff details on this sweater. I’m keeping my eye on the cream color, but I promised myself no new sweaters until I’ve had to wear fall clothes for a minimum of two weeks (my closet needs the space, and I haven’t stored away all my summer clothes…yet!)

3. The Devil Wears Prada, Age 7 | I was cracking up at this 7 year old Youtube Star and her interpretation of what it means to be a #GirlBoss in the fashion magazine world. It made me want to watch Devil Wears Prada again, stat!

4. Football Means Food | I grew up in a boy-dominated household, y’all, and to me Fall has always meant Football! I’ve been loving these last two weeks with the game on in the background, wine glass in hand, and I’ve already been bombarding Dalton and his roommates with the massive Pinterest board of recipes that I’ve been waiting (impatiently) to make during game day season. This list of recipes is definitely my next to tackle! No pun intended, I swear…ha!

5. Spoiled Puppy | I honestly think that whenever I do become a dog owner, I’m going to need a major financial cushion because I will totally go to above and beyond lengths like this to spoil my pup. This dog didn’t like her food, so the owner came up with a creative way to make it more appealing to her!


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