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10 On-The-Go Healthy Breakfasts! - PrepEssentials

10 On-The-Go Healthy Breakfasts!

First things first – I’m really not a breakfast person (unless it’s breakfast for dinner, in which case count me in!) I’m especially not a breakfast person within the first hour to hour and a half of waking up. Food right after I wake up makes me feel nauseous, I’m not totally sure why.


In any case, having a full 40 hour work week, plus exercising and a social life and blogging really doesn’t leave any room for skipping meals, so I’ve had to get creative with ways to still eat breakfast on a “delayed, on-the-go” schedule.


I’ve finally mastered a handful of recipes that are simple, yummy, healthy, and that I can take with me to avoid that dreaded encounter with food ten minutes after opening my eyes!


In case you’re always on the run like me (or just prefer to hit snooze seven times rather than sitting down at your breakfast table) I wanted to share some of my on-the-go breakfast secrets!



1. Oatmeal No-Bake Energy Bites | These could not be easier to make, and they’re perfect for snacking, too! I always make a ton on a Sunday and freeze the extras or put them in the fridge in small bags so I can grab them whenever I want!


2. Egg Muffin Bites | I first found these on a Tasty video, and I was so pumped to make them! All you really need is a muffin tray, and you can mix up the ingredients all the time. I like to do spinach, a tiny bit of feta, green + red peppers, and egg in mine. Starbucks has a similar thing (but these are of course healthier and cheaper!) I make a big batch early in the week to grab and snack on during my commute.


3. Freezer Breakfast Burritos | These are usually reserved for bigger days, times that I know I have a super long day, or frankly after a night I might have a work happy hour! They’re so yummy once you heat them up, and they definitely keep me going well into the early afternoon. There are SO many different combos. My favorite is egg, spinach, peppers, onion, and sometimes breakfast potatoes!


4. Overnight Oats | I only very recently got into the oatmeal trend, but overnight oats are so easy. I’m still taking a pretty timid approach to new flavors, but so far I have really liked apple and cinnamon, and brown sugar and blueberry! All you need is a container or a mason jar (plus oats are so cheap!)


5. Smoothies | Not exactly groundbreaking, but sometimes it can be hard to think up new recipes! I did an entire post on my favorite breakfast smoothies, and they’re such an amazing way to start my day. Lately I’ve been adding Vital Proteins powder to them (more on that later!) and it’s been such a game changer.


6. Avocado Toast | This was my go-to for probably the first six months of my job. Unfortunately, sometimes avocados are not always the cheapest, so I moved on to other options, but I still love it! You can always add other fun ingredients to the top, too.


7. Peanut Butter Toast | The girl-on-a-budget alternative to avocado toast, I keep a giant jar of peanut butter at my desk and do this more than any other item. You can add banana or apple slices to the top, and maybe even drizzle a little honey if you’re feeling fancy.


8. Rice Cakes + Peanut Butter + Fruit | If you’re not really into toast, rice cakes are a perfect alternative. Spread some peanut butter, add some apple slices and honey and you’ve got yourself a super portable gourmet breakfast (for crazy cheap, too!)




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