Planners for Every Personality (& Work Style!)

Since graduating, I’ve jumped on and off (and on again) the planner train. I’ve loved using planners my entire life, and was at times even known to have 2 going at once (Insane? Genius? Who knows!)


The problem is that everything is digital – and it’s just easier that way. Updating something at the touch of a button when plans change is just all too easy, not to mention things like flights, doctor appointments, and work obligations are all handled that way these days, too.


That said, it’s always been hard for me to give up the customization component of writing in a physical planner (not to mention they’re so darn cute!) I think the customization component is what wins out for a lot of other people too (especially in college!).


There are SO MANY amazing planners these days, and it’s great that they all seem to have different styles depending on how you like to organize. Some are more broad overviews, some are down to every single hour, some leave room to doodle and draw…it’s really gotten pretty endless!

Regardless of your personal preference, I wanted to round up ALL the different types that I’m absolutely loving, stylistically and design-wise, to help you find one that works for you (and is super cute!)


If You Like a LOT of Customization…

The Erin Condren planners are hands down the best way to go if you’re extremely particular about how you like things to be displayed. You can customize every single last little detail down to font colors and size, and you can even make them super personalized with your own personal photos, quotes, or whatever else your creative side can think of!
I ordered one earlier in the year and shared some of the details here – but they also sell pretty incredible accessories like stickers, the best planner markets I’ve ever bought (seriously), and tons of different tapes and tabs.


If You Like Things Simple, Functional & Stylish….

I think I had things right in college with this route, and I always went with the adorable Lilly Pulitzer Planners. They’re hard-backed, so they’re super durable against all of the rolling around in bags and all-nighter in the library complete with coffee spills and late night snacks.

The format is totally usable for college, and gives you both a monthly view and a daily view broken down each week to help you keep track of important deadlines or events. They release new prints every year, and I am obsessed with this one, this one and this one!


If Your Planner is The Key to Your Life…

Then you need something that is up for the challenge! In this one little book you’re going to store important information, appointments, meetings, plans, lists, grocery ideas, phone numbers…and every single other little detail required to make your life tick. The Day Designers are by far the best for such a heavy duty job, and they have the cutest covers!

I’ve seen a few people with high-intensity lifestyles utilizing these babies like crazy (such as bloggers like me, with full time jobs, side hustles, relationships and social events…and some of them even have families to keep track of, too! #SuperWomen). My favorite prints are this one and this one…but the colors in this one are so so cute!


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