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Essentials of the Week!

This week was pretty uneventful…it felt like the main theme of it was planning ahead! Fall is right around the corner (whether other people want to admit it or not!) and I have a lot of really exciting plans, for both the blog and life in general!

I spent Tuesday evening with my content calendar and decided I’d really love if you could leave a comment with posts you’d love to see in the next few months! Whether it’s styling a certain outfit trend, recipes, back to school related posts, job advice…I want to hear what you guys are excited about!

Here are my essentials from this week:

1.  Blake Lively Being Amazing | This video of Blake Lively at an award ceremony was brought to my attention earlier this week and I couldn’t not share it. Fair warning – the content is a little dark and serious, but so important. Be sure to read through the description in case this is something you’d be upset by, but I love that she continues to be inspiring and use her influence in important ways!

2. Doggie Day Care | On a much lighter note, I couldn’t stop smiling (and replaying) this video of this adorable dog who can’t wait to board the bus for doggie day care. They barely get the doors open in time! Be sure to watch with sound.


3. 90’s Nails | I’m constantly talking about my obsession with Essie Nail Polish, but I couldn’t resist sharing their new 90’s theme collection! The names include things like, “As If” (shoutout to Clueless), and Saved by the Belle! Check them out!

4. The Queen of the Screen | Jennifer Aniston might be one of my favorite actresses of all time, and I was seriously just speculating with friends a week ago about how much money she must be raking in. This article broke down her seemingly never-ending success (but sadly it doesn’t tell you how she’s managed not to age in the last 20 years).

5. Making the Grade | Having been obsessed with straight A’s growing up, and being exposed to five different grading systems – yes, five – I’ve always been particularly interested in the debate about how students should be graded, and for what. This article is a little lengthier, but it really debates every single aspect and I found it so fascinating!


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    August 19, 2017 at 12:35 am

    I would love more back to school posts.
    -How to make friends as a freshmen
    -Dorm room must haves
    -How you organized your notes
    -How to understand professors (does that even make sense)

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