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Essentials of the Week!

This was one of those absolutely incredible weeks where nothing special happened, but everything just felt good. Things felt like they were clicking into place, I felt on top of my routine and fitness/eating habits, and overall I just felt so content.


This isn’t to say I’ve been unhappy lately, but this was the first week I’ve had in a long time where it just felt like everything was exactly as it was supposed to be…and I can’t even begin to describe how good that felt. I legitimately had several “pinch me” moments this week when I’d randomly reflect on how at ease I felt with how my life has been going, and I realized that despite the occasional hiccup here or there, things are just really, really, good!


I hope some (or all) of you have been feeling that way lately, too! If not, maybe take a few minutes on Sunday to take note of which things feel off, and set some small goals to get them back on course. That’s what I did a few weeks ago, and I am here to tell you – it pays off!


Here’s to more amazing days over the weekend, and my essentials from this week!

1. Living Big in Small Spaces | Ever since I discovered this amazing Instagram account last year, I’ve become weirdly in love with seeing the insane ways people convert old buses into full-blown homes that are, frankly, nicer than my city apartment. Sometimes I wonder if they’ve got life way more figured out…this renovation is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen!

2. Finding Some “Me” Time | I’ve always placed a huge priority on carving out a few days or nights a week where I focus solely on myself and do activities alone…and I loved this list of ideas for fun (Non-Netflix) ways to spend alone time! Definitely going to add some of these into my schedule for next week.

3. Jeans You NEED In Your Life | I am so in love with every single detail of these jeans…I have never once branched out with jeans, and besides swapping out the colors it has always been something I covet from afar and don’t pay attention to. I am absolutely adding these to the wish list, though!

4. The Best Fashion Advice I’ve Read Lately | I’m probably the world’s biggest advocate of “lazy” fashion. I love great clothes and style, but I also love to hit snooze until ten minutes before I walk out the door. Finding and stocking your closet with these “lazy essentials” will have you looking polished, put together, and…well rested 😉

5. How to Keep Your Jeans Lasting a Lifetime | I spent years trying to find the perfect pair of jeans…and now my new focus is making sure they stay in good condition. These tips are definitely going to come in handy!


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