Essentials of the Week!

For the first time in July, I feel like this week was all about getting back to my routine (just in time for AUGUST to roll around…does that blow anyone else’s mind?! I feel like summer literally just began two weeks ago).

Despite the summer months flying by, I have a feeling we will still be experiencing those hot summer temperatures well into early October, if last year is any indication.

This is likely an unpopular opinion, but I’m beyond excited for Fall. I love it so much more than summer – the outfits, the temperature, the fun activities like football games and tailgating, apple cider and fall candles…that is definitely my happy place!

In the meantime, I’ll be over here soaking up more of this summer sun. Here are my essentials from this week!

1. This (Hilariously) Awkward First Date Introduction | If you’ve been following along like me, this “couple” has kept a running joke on Tinder messages for over three years without ever actually meeting or talking…until they went viral. They ended up on Good Morning America this week, and now they’re going on their first date all-expenses-paid by Tinder…in Maui! This was so awkward and hilarious to watch.


2. The Prettiest Eyelet Top | In case you missed it earlier this week, I shared one of my absolute favorite tops for summer. The eyelet details and pretty blue color make it a must-have – plus, it’s under $50!


3. Getting to Know Neil Patrick Harris | Okay, I admit it. I have officially crossed the threshold into the land of obsession when it comes to these “73 Questions With…” videos, but I can’t stop! This one is hands down the best one. He is even funnier than I imagined or realized, and seeing his incredible home and sweet family was the best part. Very much worth a quick watch if you’re bored!4. This Beach Home Tour Makes Me Want to Move | I seriously think I pinned every single room and photo from this home tour, guys. It’s GORGEOUS. I’m a huge fan of light, white and airy spaces with blues and greens spread throughout, so if anyone knows if the owners want to gift their house to me, let me know.

5. The BEST Cardigan Got Re-Stocked | If you’re like me, you are probably just about fed up with the Nordstrom Sale, but the final day is actually one of the best days to snag final finds! They re-stock a ton of items in a hope to push through their extra inventory, and I’ve been waiting for this cardigan to re-stock since early access! And it did…in SEVEN COLORS!



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