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Essentials of the Week!

This week (and today) in particular is one of the most exciting I’ve had all year. Scratch that – it is definitely the most exciting, because today after two years of long distance, Dalton is finally moving to Chicago!!

Safe to say I’m a little bit giddy while writing this post, and this week has been equal parts extremely fast and horribly, terribly slow in anticipation of today.

I feel like my head has been a little bit foggy all week, because the excitement has made things a little bit difficult for me to concentrate on anything else, but it’s finally here! Talk about a great start to my weekend!

Here are my essentials from this week:

1. My Number one Nordstrom Sale Pick | I’m hesitant to even point this out, for fear that it will sell out before the sale opens to the public next week, but I am so in love with these booties! It seems like a lot of people with early access have already scooped it up – in case you want to see my other top picks for every category, I’ve rounded them all up right here!

2. Can’t Stop Listening | Selena Gomez’s new single that she released yesterday. She is definitively my favorite celebrity, and the only one I think I would actually fangirl over if I met her in person. I can’t wait to see what her new album will be – and in the meantime, I’ll be over here playing this on repeat so many times Spotify will develop a feature like Netflix asking “If I’m Still There” (ha – I really hope they don’t do that, though…)

3. Some Friendly Advice… | Coming from someone who does 98% of their shopping online, this was a good one. This was a GREAT one considering the Nordstrom Sale is this week and people are throwing down that credit card information like their lives depend on it. Worth a quick read!

4. 10 Life Improving Habits | I immediately loved this list after reading the very first item. The amount of times I tell myself to do something because I “should” instead of reminding myself why I want to, and why I will be glad I did it, is crazy! For example, the days you say “Well, I really should work out today”. Give this a read – this wellness expert really knows what they’re talking about, and this list is my goal for the next month now!

5. The Funniest Video I’ve Seen in A While | Ending on a happy and funny note – I watched this over and over again, and laughed harder every single time. This video went viral this week, and I am so glad that it did.


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