Essentials of the Week!

This week was a little bittersweet coming off of last week’s vacation! Maybe we need to re-locate somewhere with more of a year-round vacation lifestyle…although Chicago summers really just can’t be beat! If I had to head back to the city, at least it’s during the best time of year.

I think my mind has still been on vacation-mode, because I’ve managed to have an incredibly relaxing week! I guess I wasn’t ready to give up that unplugged lifestyle, because I spent most of my down time after work reading (even more) books, catching up with friends and trying out some new summer recipes to share with you very soon. 
Here are my essentials for this week!

1. The Way We ALL Feel About Swimsuit Season | I’ve never been one to buy too hard into the whole “bikini season is approaching, work on your bikini body!” thing, but then again I try really hard to stay fairly in shape all year long. Either way, I hate swimsuit shopping almost as much as I hate trying on jeans, and these two moms were so hysterical talking about this year’s swimwear trends! 

2. Light Wash Jeans for Summer | I’ve truthfully never ventured into the realm of light wash denim, but now that it’s becoming more common and trendy again, I’m really loving the idea of a light-wash pair or two for summer. I especially loved this pair for obvious reasons – Madewell’s high rise denim is the most comfortable and easy to wear denim I’ve ever found. Might have to give these a try!

3. Why Travel Is Even More Important | In wake of the tragic and terrifying events happening all over the world lately, it can be easy to think that now isn’t a very safe time to head abroad or go exploring. When I heard the news, I immediately thought of the 10-15 friends I have currently visiting London. This article shares some great views about why we shouldn’t let fear stop us from seeing the world.

4. Inspiration at Any Age | This 12 year old is making people in their 20s, 30s and 40s look seriously unaccomplished…his idea for helping those with disabilities is truly inspiring and it’s so amazing to see such drive, compassion and motivation from someone so young!

5. The Cutest Canine Concierge | Ending on an adorable note…I fell in love with this little pup who helps check guests in to the Hilton in Milkwaukee (we all know my soft spot for Goldendoodles!) I would totally be the guest freaking out and asking if I could play with her during my entire stay at the hotel


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