Breaking Routines

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine about how rigid we have become in the last year about our routines. Half of the conversation was us congratulating ourselves on taking better care of ourselves, prioritizing exercise and healthy lifestyles, and acknowleding how much we’ve grown up and changed…and the other half was commiserating on how difficult trying to maintain a social life and friendships can become now that we are so set in our ways. 
We were joking about how strict we’ve become because we noted that it took us six reschedules before we could even meet for dinner to have this conversation! It was so nice to finally take a timeout and catch up. 
I know that a lot of people talk about how everything in balance and moderation is key, and I’d have to agree with them there. That being said, it can be really difficult for me to let go of my normal routine, even for an evening, when I feel so much better by staying on track. 
It may seem small, but missing a single night of exercise, rest, and healthy eating in exchange for spending money and eating unhealthy on a night out with friends can throw me off for the remainder of the week (and set me up poorly for any weekend plans I may have). 
I still love spending time with friends, and sometimes finding weekends that I’m in town and available can be really tricky, and giving up a weeknight can be really tough. Sometimes staying in a set routine too much though can have just as many adverse effects on your mental health. 
I’m setting a new goal to not be so hard on myself if there’s just one day that I’m not feeling great and need to take a night off, or if I want to go have a drink in celebration of a friend’s birthday. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and sometimes the best cure is a relaxing evening laughing with friends (especially now that patio season is upon us!)
Does anyone else have a really hard time sticking to routine OR letting go of routine once in a while? What are your favorite ways to make sure you find balance? Would love some tips as I embark on this new personal challenge for myself – and be sure to follow along on Twitter as I post updates about my progress!

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