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Bourbon Distillery Tour + The Best Raincoat (Ever)

I think we can all agree that this has been an exceptionally rainy spring. Normally, the rain is enough to make me a bit grouchier for an entire day (which is something I should really work on) but lately, I’ve been a little bit better prepared for the inclement weather, and it really hasn’t bothered me too much!

Of course, I’d always prefer to have a sunny sky and a warmer temperature during my walks around the city everyday, but having recently purchased a new rain jacket, I have felt ready to take on my day no matter what. 
I’m in love with the gold details and black buttons, plus the material is incredibly soft and feels a lot nicer than any other rain jacket I’ve ever had. I also like that the length is a bit longer to help keep the rain off of me, and of course that olive green color never stops filling up my closet!
The rain didn’t let up for a moment while we were in Louisville for the Derby this weekend (more on that coming later this week!) and I was so glad that I had the foresight to pack it with me! I was so excited to show Dalton around the city, so thankfully we found some really fun indoor activities to keep us occupied on Friday and try something he had never done before!

Everyone in my hometown had been raving about this new(ish) Brandy Distillery called Copper & Kings, and it did not disappoint. Full disclosure, neither of us are Brandy drinkers, and I’m pretty sure this was Dalton’s first and last time drinking it…but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the tour! 
There are countless bourbon and brandy distilleries across Kentucky, and I highly recommend almost all of them, but my favorite part about this was that it was completely different than any other I’ve seen! Most are a decent driving distance from the city, and tend to be a little bit more outdoors-oriented. 
Copper + Kings had this really cool modern and urban vibe that I’ve never found anywhere else, and the Head Distiller personally gave us the tour, so it was really amazing to hear about his personal history with both vineyards and Brandy, and the thought process behind everything they do there. 
Overall, we had an amazing time and I’m so glad that we were able to explore a small piece of the city together before the Derby festivities began!



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