Essentials of the Week!

This week felt so great to be back in one spot and on my routine every day. I’m finally hitting my stride again with my workouts at Pure Barre (and not a moment too soon, I’ve been having way too many “vacation diets” these days…
I’m really looking forward to a restful weekend full of reading and catching up on some much needed sleep. Hopefully the weather reports are wrong and the sun makes an appearance, but even so – I don’t think I’d main some rainy storms as a cozy excuse to stay in bed all day long watching movies and tackling my book list.

What are your weekend plans?! Here are my essentials for the week…

1. Your New Personal Stylist – I’ve been really curious about the new Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other home assistance devices lately. I’ve had a few friends that have given them a shot, but now I think I might just impulse purchase one for myself! The new feature Amazon has added will help you look your best every day!
2. Herschel Now Makes Luggage – I’ve come so close so many times to finally investing in some new luggage lately, but can’t seem to pull the trigger…now I’m so glad I waited! The new travel collection looks very attractive, casual, and above all – practical. I’m loving the white, but might lean towards the grey to keep it a little cleaner!
3. A Way to Settle Differences – I avoid getting political, especially on social media and this website, but I thought the way that Heineken chose to address this ad campaign was so thoughtful and powerful, that no matter what you feel politically you can respect the creativity behind it (this may partly come from my marketing background and love for watching advertisements, though!)
4. My #1 Spring JacketThis Spring I’ve been re-embracing my love for white denim, and I can’t stop imaging the gorgeous ways to wear and pair this white oversized denim jacket. (T-shirt dresses every day? Yes please!)

5. The New Netflix & Chill – Given that my plans this weekend are to rest and relax at home, I loved finding this article with suggestions of other ways to spend a night in that don’t revolve around Netflix. (Okay, I will probably still have Girlboss playing in the background, but at least I will be doing other things, too!)


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