Essentials of the Week!

It has been so nice to be home all week and back into my normal routine. Packing my lunches, making up for some majorly lost time at Pure Barre (oops!) and getting to bed at a reasonable decent hour has made me feel like a whole new person!

I was beginning to forget what it felt like to not be exhausted and hitting snooze every single morning. I’ve even allowed myself a few nights off from blogging or doing any work at home to just relax in bed with some candles, cozy blankets and some good old fashioned Disney movies. What else would I watch before I go see Beauty & The Beast this weekend?!
I’m not planning on picking up the pace at all over the weekend. I’ve got some big plans to read on my patio with some wine, grill out for dinner alone, and do the biggest closet overhaul I’ve ever done in my life…slightly nervous, mostly excited. Be sure to follow along on Instagram stories! 
It’s going to feel so nice to just sit back, relax and get organized while I enjoy some of this spring weather we have headed our way. 
Has anyone else been on a big spring cleaning kick?!
Here are my essentials of the week!
1. Decorating On a Budget – I’m always spending the majority of my time on Pinterest looking at home decor, and I can’t get enough of seeing before and after shots, especially on a budget! I loved the total transformation this 25-year-old girl made to her living room space. 
2. Real Life Fairytale – I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion how excited I was to hear that Anastasia was being made into a Broadway Musical. I’m really not a big musical person, but I would definitely put that feeling aside for this one, and I loved seeing the behind the scenes story of the show!
3. My New Sunnies for Summer – I have no idea how I’d never heard of this store until my shopping excursion in NYC last week, but I loved just about everything in there! I can’t wait to track down one near me. I was missing my sunglasses that day, and loved these aviators so much that I wore them right out of the store!
4. A Simple & Easy Easter Recipe – Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I think this recipe looks like so much fun! I’m thinking it could be great to try making with my nieces and nephew – with minimal mess! 

5. The Necklace You Need Right Now – I’m a big fan of little and simple pendants (especially gold ones, surprise surprise!) but this little pineapple is so adorable and simple. Perfect for spring and summer accessorizing!      

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