Essentials of the Week!

This has been a week full of travel for me, and I’m writing this from my hotel in New York right now with a pretty beautiful view of Central Park! I haven’t been to NYC since I was 12 or 13…which seems crazy to me now! 

I have to admit, Chicago is still all of the city that I need, and New York will forever simply be a place to visit in my mind, but I’m so excited to be here and see some friends while I’m in town! Since it’s been so long, I haven’t made a single plan for while I’m here, and I’ve decided to leave that up to the experts (aka my friends!) 
It’s honestly more exciting to know I have an activity-packed weekend without a single clue or agenda of what is to come…stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for updates, and comment below if you have some favorite spots that I absolutely must check out!
Here are my essentials of the week:
1. The End of an Era – If you haven’t seen in the news this week, Jenna Lyons announced that at the end of 2017 she will be leaving from J.Crew after 26 years as their Creative Director and President. Many credit Jenna with the brand’s mass success since 1990, including her ability to bring neon colors and bold designer trends into the mass market. Safe to say, I’ll be holding my breath to see where they take the brand now that she’s gone!
2. Your Netflix Binge for the Summer – I am embarrassingly excited to see this one, guys. I’m supposed to be out of town the day that it premieres, and I’m strongly considering *faking* sick just to pull a weekend binge and watch the entire thing (just kidding…kind of). The trailer looks amazing! 
3. The Cutest Puppy Video – Let’s be honest, all puppy videos are pretty amazing, but this one had me watching over and over again. I couldn’t get enough of this sweet little pup! 
4. Casual Tank for Spring + Summer – I’m all about simple and light pieces for spring and summer (I tend to always feel hotter than anyone else around me, so anything that keeps me cool and sweat-free is a big plus). I love the simple pom-pom details on this tank to wear anywhere or dress up.
5. To Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning – Everyone seems to always struggle with finding the motivation to begin the whole ‘spring cleaning’ thing…myself included! My main focus this year is doing the biggest clean sweep of my closet that I’ve done, ever. These tips are actually really helpful for knowing where to begin!

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