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Brightly Decorated Life Art Prints!

I’ve been a huge fan of Evelyn Henson’s art ever since I first discovered it two years ago, and I’ve had my eye on just about every collection she’s released since then! Her mugs are great gifts for people (just ask my parents, who are both now the proud owners of Custom Goldendoodle Mugs for Rufus & Wrigley!) 
My current apartment is pretty much completely stocked when it comes to art and wall decor, so in recent months I’ve just been window shopping and creating wish lists of my favorite art prints, but I think I’m in love with this collection so much that I might just have to make room for it somehow!
If you’re looking for that perfect colorful piece to make a room pop (or to pair with a bar cart) this is definitely the number one place I’d recommend checking out!
You can shop the entire collection, and view some of my favorite picks below!
Given the constant blue and white theme in my bedroom and apartment, I’m especially leaning towards the blue and white flower prints. 
I have some friends that are beyond in love with all things Elephant, so I’m already planning on getting some gifts ready for upcoming birthdays!
Which one is your favorite? If you find one you love, grab it quick – the collection is for a limited time only!

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