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My (Mug) of Tea

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve slowly over time abandoned my love for drinking tea. I still love it when I remember that it’s there, but I’ve been so focused on making sure I drink enough water every day (which is perhaps the single best thing that I do for my body!) that I’ve somehow just removed tea from my daily routine. 
That being said, there are still times in life that I find myself reaching for my slightly huge jar of teas – when I’m stressed, sick, particularly chilly or rainy days, or having trouble sleeping (even more than usual). 
I never drink caffeine, but I’ve still managed to find an entire host of teas that I love for every occasion I just listed that always seem to be exactly what I need. Sometimes taking 5-10 minutes with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket can turn around my entire mood and day. 

One of my absolute favorite teas is at Le Pain Quotidien (which are all over Chicago) – I’m sipping on their Fresh Mint Herbal Infusion above. Definitely recommend!

I’ve had a lot of friends recently say they’re trying to kick their coffee/caffeine habits, so I thought I would share all of my favorite decaf teas for every mood & occasion to help you avoid the terrible process of taste testing ones you’re not a fan of!
If you’re feeling particularly stressed…I recommend trying anything with a mint infusion, such as the RefreshMint Tazo Tea from Starbucks (one of my all-time favorites). You could also try the Zen Tea, which still has a hint of mint flavoring that is slightly less overpowering. Another great alternative option to mint-flavor that will soothe your anxieties is the Calm Chamomile Tazo TeaLavender can also be a very stress-relieving flavor to reach for!

If you’re having trouble sleeping…Truthfully, any of the above options work great for this issue as well, but for nights that I’m having more intense sleeping issues, I always reach for Sleepytime Tea – it does the trick every time! This is really the only recommendation I have, because although other flavors can be calming, nothing shuts my eyes quite like Sleepytime – and it even comes in a K-Cup Version!
If you’re feeling under the weather…Any warm tea will likely soothe a lot of different types of illnesses (particularly a sore throat), however peppermint tea seems to take care of everything else (stomach problems in particular). 
If you need to wake up (without caffeine!)…I know to people who have been drinking caffeine for years, the idea of being able to wake up without it seems impossible, but I promise that it is. I’ve helped so many friends ween their way off of caffeine, and now they use some of these favorite citrus flavors for a little kick of energy! Wild Sweet Orange is what I keep at my desk (and am currently drinking as I type). I also have a bit of a lemon addiction, so if I’m craving something a little bit more flavorful, I reach for Lemon Zinger, which also comes in a K-Cup VersionScarlet Citrus Rooibos is also a great burst of energy.
For rainy/winter days…Sometimes, the only occasion is that a cup of tea sounds so cozy. This is when I just forget the health benefits that the different flavors contain, and grab my favorites. Passion Tea was my first and still favorite tea that I ever enjoyed (and I frequently order the iced version with lemonade when I visit Starbucks!) As soon as everyone starts breaking out into song over PSL’s in the fall though, you can definitely find me sipping on Baked Cinnamon Apple or Sweet Cinnamon Spice!
What’s the fun in drinking tea though if you don’t get to use it as an excuse to stock up on adorable mugs?! I’ve developed quite the collection:

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    Keri H
    March 1, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Nothing beats a warm cup of tea 🙂

    Enclothed Cognition

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    Lu Ann @ The Cup of Life
    March 1, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    I so need that cup of courage mug for my teas!!

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