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Essentials of the Week!

Things finally started to sink in for me this week just how nonstop things have been for me lately. I love to travel, I love seeing and hosting friends, and I of course love when I get to go out and visit with Dalton…but when I finally sat down on Sunday and carefully mapped out my next few months of travel plans + trips, I got seriously overwhelmed. 
At the time, saying yes to just about everything that came my way was fun and exciting (and still kinda is!) but when I actually took the time to write it all out on a calendar, I realized that I may have signed myself up for just a little bit too much. 
I’ve been out of town or hosting guests nonstop since mid-January, and I only have one weekend between now and early May where I have a break! SO excited for some of the things on my agenda…including a trip to NYC to see my friend Dakota, a road trip back to Oxford to see old friends, and of course…the Derby! 
That being said, I’m definitely going to have to re-focus and make sure I’m taking time to focus on myself every day for the next couple of months so I don’t get too burnt out. I’m feeling a slow and easy summer…anyone else?!
1. Making Coffee Cute Again – I’ve been feeling major jealousy over the Starbucks spring cups that got released these last few weeks because mainly order iced drinks, and have been missing out on all the fun. This new collection is so adorable, I might have to try and snag one for myself so I can get some spring vibes, too!
2. Hit The Running Trail – With these gorgeous new Nike running shoes that were just released in celebration of the anniversary of their most popular (and fashionable) shoe ever. The gorgeous Nike’s in different colors you’re always seeing on bloggers? These are those. And man oh man, do I want them in these colors…

3. Match Made in Fashion Heaven – Is anyone else as excited as I am for the collaboration between Victoria Beckham and Target to come out (April 9th!) I love the idea and inspiration behind the line, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. This little preview looks great!

4. Your Guide to (Healthy) Meal Prep – I’m all about making my lunches every week (like this AMAZING superfood salad I had this week!) and I think this guide is a great way to get started when you’re not sure where to begin!

5. Trenchcoat Season – I’ve been wearing my trenchcoat every chance I get this week, and I can’t take my eyes off this gorgeous option from Madewell (with a great price!)

Have a wonderful weekend – I hope you guys get some of this amazing weather we’re expecting here in Chicago!


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