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Essentials of the Week!

This week it was a little bit hard to keep everything to myself about what I was up to…because I’ve been planning on surprising my dad for his 60th birthday! I arrived in Naples late last night to surprise him and he had absolutely no idea!
It’s a little bit rare that I get to see them when they’re all the way down in Florida, so being able to be here for his birthday is extra special. 
I’m so excited to spend the weekend with the family and dogs before I head off to Puerto Rico on Sunday morning for sun & surf with my amazing cousins! Things are definitely looking up lately, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have a feeling 24 is going to be a good year (and my birthday isn’t even for another week!)
Here are my essentials from this week…
1. Miami University Video – It’s no secret that I absolutely loved my time at Miami, but by far one of the things I miss most is walking around the gorgeous campus all year long. This video went viral among my Facebook friends last week, and I loved being able to see how much of campus is the same, and all of the new changes they’ve made too!
2. The Cutest Beach Tote – Of course I have the beach and sand on my mind, and I’ve had my eye on this adorable beach tote all week! I love the cute colors and tassels. It would be perfect for trips or for heading down to the Chicago lakeshore!
3. 20 Amazing Meal Prep Ideas – I’m always looking for new ideas for meal prep on Sundays when I’m getting lunches ready to go for work. It makes it so much easier to save money, stay healthy, and save time during the week when all I want to do is crash at the end of the day! These healthy options are great, I’m trying one when I get back from my travels!
4. My New Favorite Heels – These were on my wish list for over a year and a half…seriously. I had a friend continually post them online, would search high and low on the internet for them, and never came out successful. Two weeks ago, I finally found them, and I couldn’t believe how cheap they are! I can’t wait to break these out all spring and summer. 

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