Essentials of the Week!

Oof. Getting back into the swing of things was not as easy as I had been hoping this week…anyone with me on that one?

It definitely felt great to be going through the motions of my usual exercise/cooking/blogging routine, but I’m definitely already missing the quality family and friend time I was so spoiled with over the holidays. 

I think now is the perfect time to start brainstorming my bigger plans for 2017…travel, fun experiences, and special projects I want to take on. Those are the things that really get me motivated and excited to start every day! The question is, where to begin?! (These tips might be a good place to start…)

I’ll be working on that for the weekend whenever I’m not curled up on the couch with a book and the delicious hot chocolate that Dalton bought me for Christmas (I am way too addicted). What are your weekend plans?

Here are my essentials from this week!

1. For Your Healthier Lifestyle Resolutions: Because it’s not worth breaking the bank just to shed a few pounds.

2. The Sweater I Can’t Stop Wearing: I received this amazingly soft over-sized cardigan for Christmas and I’m not kidding…I can’t take it off. I’ve literally been called out by one of my best friends because every time we FaceTime I’m snuggled up in it at my desk! Too soft to care.

3. The Perfect Water Bottles For Your New Gym Routine: These got my attention earlier this week because one of my very good friends helped Bkr launch their new collection and they are the coolest things ever. As soon as I decide which color is my favorite, I am definitely ordering one!

4. All of Your Favorite 2016 Songs in One Place: I look forward to these songs every year and they (almost) never disappoint. Crank it up at the gym, before you go out with your friends, or as a way to wake up before work. Full disclosure, this version from 2014 is actually still my favorite!

5. Something to Keep You Warm (& Busy): I may have mentioned it once, or a thousand times, on here so far…but Chicago is really freaking cold. My social life tends to take a major plunge when it comes to the winter, and these ideas are so great for staying entertained and busy without ever leaving the warmth of your own home!

That’s it for this week’s essentials! I hope you’re all having wonderful starts to 2017 – I know I am!

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