Post-Holiday Thank You Notes & Stationary

One of biggest things on my to-do list today when I land back in frigid Chicago is to head out and stock up on some more thank you notes & stationary for the year. I normally buy a lot all at once, and never seem to run short of occasions that it’s appropriate to use.

I’ve been keeping a running list in a note on my phone throughout the entire holiday season of all of the people I owe a thank you to in order to ensure no one gets forgotten or left behind!

Thank you notes have always been a huge priority of mine, and the holidays certainly leave no shortage of thanks to give out. I’m so blessed every year to have such wonderful family and friends, and it’s so so important to me to make sure my gratitude is made known. 
The fun part is – I am obsessed with purchasing pretty papers, stationary and cards. I’m particularly obsessed with this set, these, and these right now. 
Helpful hint: I have found some of my absolute favorites of the last few seasons at Marshall’s or Michael’s – and they only cost a few dollars! You don’t always have to shell out a large sum just to get some really nice and adorable paper, fortunately!
One | Two | Three | Four | Five
Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten
Does anyone else have a nice long list of thank you notes to write after the holidays? I’ve been thinking about including a little something to go with them – but haven’t been sure what to include! Any ideas?!

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