Essentials of the Week!

It feels like the holiday madness has officially begun this week…holiday parties are constant (but oh so fun!), my gift-giving list seems to grow by 2 each time I cross someone else off, and me thinking I’d “planned ahead” enough turned out to be nowhere close! 
I’m already keeping an eye on the fact that I’m leaving Chicago for two full weeks next Friday…traveling to three different locations (both cold and hot), and I somehow have to make it all fit into a carry-on! This should be interesting…
I’m definitely planning on finding as much down-time as I can this weekend to relax, re-focus and just enjoy the holiday spirit!
Here are my essentials from this week!

1. This Powerful Video Messagehad to top my list this week, partly because it was incredibly strong and thought-provoking, but also because it turns out that one of my friends and her PR company are the ones who helped pull this video together! I couldn’t be more proud, and I think this is too important not to share.
2. Amazon is Changing Things Up – and tackling one of my least favorite aspects of going grocery shopping. This would be incredible if it ends up becoming a widespread thing!

3. Pantone Chose the Color of 2017and I love the ideas behind the decision. Plus, it’s my favorite color!

4. Stop Your Gift-Buying Until You See This! (Especially if you’re shopping for Me! 😉 This is too cute not to have for this winter…and it looks SO cozy! 

5. Don’t Get Sucked into Holiday Financial Stress. It can be all too easy (I am already guilty of thinking about my bank account approximately twice as often so far this month…) so these tips are a great way to stay on track and avoid a (financial) hangover come New Year’s Day!

I hope you all have fabulous and festive weekends!

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