Essentials of the Week!

I’m still having serious issues grappling with the fact that 2016 is over…I genuinely feel like last New Year’s Eve was only 3 months ago. 
That being said, I think a lot of people are seeking the fresh start of a new year now more than ever, so personally I can’t wait to ring it in and celebrate with all of my friends and loved ones.
I’m not one for resolutions, necessarily, because I like to think that throughout the entire year if I have a change I’d like to make, I don’t wait until January 1st to make it happen. However, it is always a great reminder to reflect and think things over for the future, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately!
Here are my essentials for this week (and the end of the year!)

1. The Perfect Excuse to Drink Champagne Tomorrow – as if any of us need any more reasons!
2. Start Booking Your Tickets, Now! – I love to travel, and I’m planning on doing my fair share of it throughout 2017. What better way to start than going to a tropical location that is offering to pay you to visit?! (There is a catch…but it’s a great one). Sign me up!
3. My Comfiest (And New Favorite) Booties – I got these as a very sweet anniversary gift from Dalton right before Christmas, and oh my goodness they are heaven. They go with everything, but the flat heel makes them super comfortable to wear even running errands all day long around the city. Plus, they’re on sale!
4. How I’m Reflecting on the Year – I found this originally through College Prepster’s post with Maxie, and I immediately filled out the entire thing (or tried to…full disclosure, some of the questions took some deep thought!) I definitely felt refreshed and re-focused after looking it over. Worth a read!
5. Either the most exciting news or a huge tease. Either way – I’m anxiously waiting to see what ends up happening!
I hope you all have wonderful New Year’s Eve plans, whether it involves partying all night long or ringing in the new year comfortably and casually. Check back tomorrow for some amazing champagne-involved recipes to make the night extra fun (and delicious!)

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