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Essentials of the Week!

Coming back after a nice holiday break is always so tough – did anyone else feel like this week was never going to end?! The only thing getting me through is the promise of Christmas baking and a movie marathon with one of my best friends tonight. 
Is anyone else still working on getting the rest of their Christmas decorations up this weekend?? Be on the lookout for snapshots of mine on my Instagram stories!
Here are my essentials for this week!
1. The Article that Sums Up My Thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival – I’ve read a good handful to try and deal with my outrage/overly emotional response about the ending…this one summed it up the best by far. There are spoilers – beware!
2. The Perfect Green Sweater for December – I’ve suddenly fallen in love with deep green sweaters, and this one is seriously gorgeous. I love that it’s not a full-on turtleneck (those tend to make me a little bit claustrophobic)!
3. A Solution to Boring Holiday Travel – You can avoid the extra boredom and stress that comes from holiday travel and have entertainment with or without WiFi! 
4. DIY Christmas Decor – I’ve been scouring the internet for all of the crafty Christmas ideas I can get my hands on, because a lot of it is so simple and not worth shelling out the cash for. I can’t wait to try out a couple of these this weekend! 

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