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Road Trip Playlist for the Holidays! (Available on Spotify) - PrepEssentials

Road Trip Playlist for the Holidays! (Available on Spotify)

As you’re all packing up to head home for the holidays (or wherever you may be going – perhaps you’re staying put, like me!) you might be ticking off all of the essentials on your checklist…clothes, recipes, snacks for the trip…but you can’t have a successful travel day without music!
With so many of my friends driving over state lines today as they rush home to see their families and friends and soak in all of the holiday coziness, I wanted to make sure that everyone has an amazing set of tunes to make things fun.

I know some people are very sensitive about Christmas music being played before Thanksgiving is over, so I promise there are only a handful of songs sprinkled throughout this playlist…but come on, you know I had to put a few in there! 
This playlist is a mix of fun, relaxing, songs you want to shout the words to, and a little bit of everything in between. So turn up the volume and travel safe! You can listen to the playlist directly below, or follow the link to open it up in your Spotify app!

And don’t forget to read my tips on how to have anxiety-free holiday travel!

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