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Essentials of the Week!

For those of you who might have seen the news lately, you’ve probably heard that this week was a pretty damn fun time to be a Chicagoan…can we give it up for those amazing Cubs?! I won’t pretend I’ve been a lifelong follower and avid baseball watcher, but I’ve been cheering for the Cubs since I was younger for the same reason most little girls choose favorite sports teams…they’re my Dad’s team, of course!
Needless to say I’m just a tad sleepy right now while I write this after a long night of celebrating (and easily one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of. 108 years is a long time, even for those of you who aren’t into sports. That being said, try to forgive me that this week’s essentials might be a little shorter than normal!
Here are my essentials for this week!
1. Town & Country Magazine’s Preppy Holiday Gift GuideHard to believe that we’re already at the point where gift guides are starting to be published…but I’m not complaining, either! This list is too perfect. I’m especially loving #22 as a gift for the men in your life!
2. History was made – I’m sorry, but I absolutely couldn’t resist. The Cubs winning has just been such a once in (two) lifetimes experience, and the videos and articles have been flooding my news feeds. There are countless amazing stories and videos, but if you can only spare time for one, make it this one. (And if you’re like me and want to see them all, I loved this one and this one too!) I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this one more than 15 times already, and it’s not going to get old anytime soon.
3. These adorable hats on sale – I’ve mentioned before that my first full Chicago winter froze me straight into a Gap to purchase my very first winter hat (yes, I’m serious). This year, I wanted to be a little more prepared, and thankfully I found this one and this one – on sale! Snag them fast!
4. My new favorite skirtYou may have seen it on Instagram this week (and if not, why aren’t we friends on Instagram yet?!) But in case you haven’t, this is my new favorite skirt. I’m already excited to wear it for the holiday season.
I’m off to go celebrate some more (just kidding, my bed has never looked more beautiful and I plan on staying there for most of tomorrow). Does anyone have any fun weekend plans?!

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