Perfect Playlist for Fall!

I know a lot of people think Summer is ‘patio season’, and while I don’t fully disagree…I personally believe Fall is actually the ultimate time of year for patios, cookouts, spending time outside, and soaking in the sunshine + fall breezes. 
Those who know me well will tell you I’m really not a big fan of being hot (and I seem to always be feeling ten degrees hotter than anyone around me), so sweating it out on a patio in the dead heat of summer is not exactly my idea of the best time.

Throwing on a cozy flannel, my favorite pair of boots, and having a few drinks with friends on a leaf-covered patio with yummy snacks and football on TVs in the background? Sign me up! (PS – if anyone has discovered a magical place where this happens year-round, please let me know!)

What better way to kick off the *true* patio season than with a patio playlist to accompany all of the outdoor cookouts and festivities?! This playlist has been on nonstop repeat every Saturday while we’ve been grilling out, sipping wine on the patio, and enjoying our afternoons with friends. Enjoy!

You can also access/save it here on Spotify, too!

Enjoy those amazing fall afternoons!

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