August Bucket List!

July was just as crazy as I expected it to be…and I’m ready to take a very long nap just thinking about how August will be even busier! Talk about a fast-paced summer lifestyle! It feels like I’ve had friends visiting every weekend for the entire summer, and now it is finally my turn to pack my bags because I’ll be doing a lot of traveling! (Good thing I finally have TSA Pre-Check!)
With all of the craziness and guests, I did not do quite as good of a job with July’s Bucket List but…I did try a lot of new things (just not the all of them were on the list!) Boating on Lake Michigan might have been a little ambitious considering I don’t know anyone with a boat…but I did make my own Frozen Yogurt (be on the lookout for the recipe really soon!), and went to a Cubs Game! 
Some of the other new things this month were unexpected and so much fun! Dalton and I rode bikes along the lakeshore running path, wandered around the zoo with some ice cream, spent a rainy day at the beercade down the street from me (naturally, I won at pinball and nothing else!), went kayaking in Pittsburgh while visiting him and had a very embarrassing display of skills (or lack thereof) at the driving range. As long as I’m trying new activities and having fun, the specifics of these bucket lists are really just guidelines, right?!
As you can see, there is a bit of a theme this month…I’m flying to Pittsburgh next week and Dalton has been desperately trying to peak my interest in golf so I am going to attempt it for the first time in many, many years. Obviously I am the most excited for my upcoming trip to Mexico, since I haven’t left the country in five years and haven’t taken a beach vacation in almost as long! I definitely plan to take advantage of every minute and soak up some of this summer sunshine. 
What are your bucket list adventures now that summer is winding down? Anything you’re dying to do before we get that amazing crispy fall air?

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