5 Etsy Shops You Need to Know About

I’ve always turned to Etsy as a one-stop-shop whenever I need something unique or special for a gift or occasion, and it has yet to fail me! (I even used to sell some Lilly Pulitzer-inspired paintings on there myself…maybe I’ll start painting again soon!)
You can always find unique and beautiful items made with love (and with actually reasonable prices) on Etsy, but now the site has grown so much that sometimes it is a little overwhelming to browse unless you know exactly what you’re looking for!

After several hours of digging around, I found 5 incredible Etsy shops I had never heard of before – and I knew I had to share them with all of you right away! The shops vary from home decor, to lifestyle, fashion & accessories…but the beauty of Etsy is that there is a niche for everything!
1. theAtlanticOcean – I discovered this store while searching for the perfect new little beach tote for my Upcoming Trip to Mexico, and boy was I not disappointed! Obviously I fell in love with the grey canvas one because of my obsession with #neutrals, but the neon bag is so different and adorable! The shop also makes accessories like these adorable dog leashes…is that a sign I should finally get a puppy?!
2. NickelDesignsShop – hello, Pinterest-worthy doorstep! How cute are these handmade doormats?! They vary from classy and unique to funny and seasonal, but they are definitely a huge step up from your basic boring welcome mat. Why not greet your guests in your own unique way?
3. Pomtree – While it may be hard to stand out these days amidst all of the party shops on Etsy, this one by far got my top vote for its variety of options and quality of the products. (Plus, I’ll admit – the giant champagne bottle totally won me over. Where was that at my 21st birthday?!) Whether you just want to buy a few accessories or background pieces, or an entire party package set, this shop has everything you’re looking for in one convenience place. Meet your next excuse to throw a party!
4. ModParty – I know at first glance this looks eerily similar to the last shop, but I promise this one stands out all on its own! I’m approaching the age of nonstop weddings a lot faster than I care to admit, and I have started to see a lot of things I do like…and a lot of things…not so much. This shop has an incredible collection of non-cheesy Bridesmaid gifts, bachelorette party decor, and special unique trinkets to make special events a little more…special! Don’t worry, they also have great things for any occasion, like the Boss Lady Mug
5. ChezLorraines – This one really blew me away. Don’t be fooled by the bicycle theme I picked out below, this shop has so many different and beautiful art prints! They are feminine, classic, elegant and so unique. Definitely thinking about including one whenever I get around to that age-old gallery wall project of mine…oops! I’ve got to make use of girly decorations in the remaining years that I live in a girls-only apartment, right?!
Bonus Store! I originally heard about A Thing Created through my (and I believe many people’s) favorite blogger, Carly from the College Prepster, of course! She has done a few posts featuring this Etsy Shop, and it is far from “little-known”…but I love it so much I couldn’t keep it out of this post. All of the products are so beautiful! Shop a few of my favorites below!

PS – has anyone else noticed that she is now selling apparel, too?!

Has anyone else found some absolute hidden treasure Etsy shops?! Comment your favorite ones below, I love to find new ones!

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