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Moving into my new apartment last month was really exciting for a few reasons, but I definitely couldn’t keep my mind off of the fact that I was finally going to have a patio! This was something I’ve been wanting since before I even moved to Chicago, so I’ve already had ideas of what I would do if/when I finally got one. 
As soon as I got settled, I immediately headed to my Apartment Decor board on Pinterest (follow me!) to start brainstorming decorating ideas. The first things that came to mind were lights, cozy lounge chairs, and my big dream item was a grill! I was also loving all of the decorative pillows, mini succulents, and little throw blankets for those windy Chicago nights. 
In preparation for the final reveal (I promise it’s coming – I’m just too much of a perfectionist!), I’ve pulled together my inspiration for the patio while I shopped!
*Our patio is technically a shared patio – but everyone has their own space and section, and everyone has customized it in their own unique way. We wish we had a corner section, those people really get to make full use of their space, but we are still loving it!*

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I would love a rustic feel with just a hint of nautical with blues, tans and a mix of neutrals. I’m hoping to fill the space with a lot of (fake) candles – it is super windy here, especially on a third-floor patio! – a few throw blankets for chillier nights, and cozy pillows to pile up on. Something about the combinations of linens and woods with twinkling lights is just incredibly relaxing to me.

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