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Be an Unforgettable Summer Party Guest!

It takes a lot for me to turn down an invitation to any sort of summer event…illness and being out of town (hopefully doing something equally fun) are pretty much the only excuses I’ll accept. Music, friends, sunshine, a couple of summer snacks and cocktails and I can’t imagine a place I’d be happier. 
While not every single summer event demands a special effort, throwing together these soirees tends to be a lot more difficult than it appears, especially if food or grilling is involved, so I always try to contribute however I can. 
Here are some of my favorite ways to be sure that your host feels appreciated for their efforts, and that you were able to contribute something small but special to make the day that much better for everyone!

Fresh flowers are always appreciated, and you can find them for cheap in the summertime!

For larger parties, sometimes feeding everyone can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s good to have a recipe or two on hand that are easy to make, quick to prepare and transport easily. Be on the lookout for a post this week sharing two of my favorites for summer parties! (I will link them back here later!)

One of my favorite hostess gifts (especially in summertime) is to bring a two-ingredient cocktail gift that is light and refreshing. The host/hostess can either whip it up for the day or save it for next time! 4 simple and refreshing recipes can be found right here.

Sometimes all you need are the right songs to make a good party great – start with this summer vibes playlist available on Spotify, here!

Show up with one of these and you will be sure to make the day a little bit more fun, and make you the ufortgettable guest (who is sure to get an invite time and time again!)

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