2016-2017 Lilly Pulitzer Agendas are Here!

Feeling a little nostalgic while writing this – I always loved my Lilly agendas through high school and college…since graduating I’ve done pretty much fully digital but sometimes I really miss physically writing stuff down (okay, I miss the stickers too…)
Seems like they’re releasing these earlier and earlier every year – or are we seriously already that far into summer???
If I were buying one, my favorite is definitely Lovers Coral…so adorable (and my best friend would definitely lay claim to Tusk In Sun). 
Personally, I think the large agendas are the perfect size (Jumbo is just massive for carrying around everywhere, but as a desk agenda it could be great!)
I was secretly wondering if they would release a You Gotta Regatta planner in honor of them bringing back the pattern for a limited time (that was my favorite agenda I ever had) but no such luck. Definitely worth checking out the new releases and scooping some up in this summery print before they’re gone!

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