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5 Ways to Brighten Your Room for Spring!

Everyone who knows me knows that my bedroom is my absolute sanctuary, and I’ve worked really hard to make it a calm and relaxing atmosphere where I feel the most at-home. Adjusting to the city has been a long process, but having a place I can come back to at the end of every day and fully enjoy has been a total lifesaver on the toughest days.
Warmer weather and that sweet Chicago sunshine pouring in through my windows has had me in the mood for some changes! I wanted my room to embrace the nicer weather as much as I was, and really give myself an energizing and refreshed feel.
In my opinion, the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and it totally steals the show. I like to keep my duvet cover simple, because I love using little accents all over the room and bed to really stand out. This way, I can always change them up and keep things fresh and new whenever the mood strikes! Plus, there are so many adorable patterned sheets out there – it’s easiest to change them up if the rest of the bedding keeps a low profile! 
Here are some of my essentials and top finds for mixing things up in the bedroom and getting ready for Spring – hopefully it will inspire you to change things up and jumpstart your season, too!
Colorful Pillows Blue | Yellow | Orange Trim 
Patterned Sheet Sets Coral | Yellow
Lightweight Throws Blue & Grey | Coral
Changing up the color scheme can be incredibly refreshing, and make it look like you re-designed your entire room…when really you just picked up a few new pieces! As much as I adore fresh flowers, we don’t all have that kind of budget, so follow my favorite tip: pick out one or two of your favorite types (mine are hydrangeas and peonies!) and find a really good silk bouquet on Amazon. Then you don’t have to keep replacing them, and the scented candles will handle the rest! (I’ve had my bouquet of blue and white hydrangeas since the fall and they still make me smile whenever I see them against my exposed brick wall!) 

PS Definitely check out the different ways I use flowers to liven up a living space too!
I’ve also put together a few collection sets to help inspire you for a look that you will love featuring some of my favorite pieces from Crane & Canopy!
What are some of your favorite ways to brighten up a room for the sunny weather and endless spring & summer nights?! Anyone have any good spring candle recommendations? I’m definitely in the market for some new ones!

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