Spring Break Essentials

Feeling a small twinge of jealousy at all of my beach-bound friends right now who are heading off to all of their tropical spring break locations – but also feeling conflicted because I’m in a totally different mindset hitting the slopes in Colorado all weekend! (More on that later!) 
In case you missed it, I pulled together all of my favorite finds of swimwear for 2016 – all shapes, colors, styles & budgets included!
It doesn’t hurt to be thinking *warm* thoughts after a long day of powder and a few too many mugs of hot chocolate though, so at the urging of my friends I’ve put together a spring break essentials list for those lucky enough to be cruising to warmer temperatures! (And if you aren’t, don’t fret – I’ve been known to hit up the indoor pool at my gym and throw myself a little stay-cation and it’s amazing how well you can trick your own mind into thinking you’re in a sunnier place!)
It seems like everyone can’t get enough of these funky-shaped pool floats this year…the pineapple is definitely my favorite but this one and this one are cute too! I’m never really a big one for getting in the water, but I do like to remain on dry land in style like with these beach towels by John Robshaw!
Believe me – I’m as much against selfie sticks as the next girl – but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get those adorable group photos by the water! If you’re in the market for a new beach/pool tote, you can’t go wrong with this one or this one – both are super roomy, with bold colorful patterns that will really pop! (and look great up next to your new tan!)
Always a fan of Essie – Bikini So Teeny and In the Cab-Ana are perfect poolside, and you can show them off in your favorite pair of Jack Rogers Sandals! 

I always carry a little waterproof cosmetic bag to hold my phone, keys & wallet in – you never know when a high tide is going to wash away your bag and interrupt that nap you were taking! Meanwhile, sip on your drink in a cute tumbler, dress to impress in a new bikini and some high-waisted shorts – just don’t forget the sunscreen!
Most importantly – safe travels, take a lot of pictures, and try not to rub it in how warm it is wherever you may be going…some of us are still shivering!

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