March Bucket List

Still in total denial & shock that it is already March…but with birthdays, ski trips, friends coming to town and *hopefully* nicer weather on the horizon, I can’t say I’m complaining too much! February flew by (even with the extra Leap Day) and I’m proud to say I accomplished almost everything on last month’s bucket list! 
Mardi Gras was amazing – and we can all officially say that two times is enough, we will not be going back! After a few weeks of letting it grow on me (no pun intended), I absolutely love my balayage hair, I read nine new books (and re-read a few old ones) in my continued efforts to read over 250 books this year, and I surprisingly was successful at completely shutting off social media for an entire Sunday! 
This month has some more fun trips and activities on the horizon that I’m really looking forward to, and I’ve decided to try “Kindle Unlimited” monthly membership to ease the pain on my wallet of my efforts to read so many books. I’m definitely most excited to see my brother out in Colorado, as it’s been almost a whole YEAR since I last saw him! I’m going to let my friends choose from 3 different pre-planned menus later this month and try my hand at cooking & hosting a small dinner party. Time to put my cooking skills to the test! My camera roll, storage space, and ridiculous amount of apps are ready for another deep cleaning, too. 
What else should be on my bucket list for this month?
Can’t wait to give all of these a try!

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