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C. Wonder is Back!

Yes – that’s correct…C. Wonder, the brand we all knew, love, and miss dearly has made a (somewhat) comeback and is currently available on QVC! For those of you who don’t remember it, C. Wonder was an adorable & preppy brand that closed its doors and website a little over a year ago due to some controversial background history and some ugly divorce details between the brand owner Chris Burch & Tory Burch.
However…this morning, we got a little surprise from the loved-then-lost brand, because some of its items have appeared on QVC! Under the new creative leadership of Brad Goreski, co-host of Fashion Police, C.Wonder is attempting a comeback – with some slight changes. We’re seeing less of the preppy embodiment we are used to, and more of a bohemian style, although some of those great preppy details like statement gold buttons, tassels, and monogram cuff bracelets are still there.
The jury is still out on whether or not former fans of the brand will love this new line or not (personally, I’ve been able to find a few really great pieces – but my love for the brand has not been even close to fully restored…bring back the amazing home decor pieces!) Nonetheless, here are some of my favorite finds so far!

Bottom Row: Crystal Toggle Link Bracelet | Rope Double Tassel “Y” Necklace | Enamel Bracelet

What do you think of the new C. Wonder?

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