Fresh & Feminine Scents for Spring

Everyone is buzzing about spring after the brief dose of warm weather we got this weekend. It definitely felt like there was an entire shift in the minds of moods of Chicago locals – everyone was busy, making plans, and trying to soak up every last drop of sunshine before it could disappear. 

All this talk about spring left me feeling really revived and awake, and ready for a fresh clean slate. Sometimes all you need to shake things up is a little bit of sunshine, a change in wardrobe (hello, spring clothes!) and a fresh new scent!
I’ve gathered together some of my favorite spring scents to help everyone cling to this warm-weather mood that we’re all in and tide you over until the grey clouds are gone for good. I’ve never been a fan of heavy perfumes, or ones that smell super sweet and flowery like they’re a bottle full of sugar – so if you’re looking for something light, airy & feminine without smelling like you work in a candy factory, I definitely recommend trying one of these out! 
*Pro tip – a lot of stores in an effort to sell fragrances at the turn of the season will let you have baby samplers for free if you ask for them! 

I’ve had a sampler of the D&G 3 L’imperatrice sitting in my makeup drawer for about…6 years. Not kidding. Finally, last spring, I tried it out one day and ended up loving it so much that I used it all up in about a month flat. I finally remembered it this weekend when I was trying to embrace the warm weather and ordered a bottle immediately before I could forget again!
Chanel Chance has always been one of my favorites, and I really think it works year-round which is pretty rare. It’s really fresh without being too girly, and it’s probably my signature scent.
I just found a sample of Viva La Juicy Rosé flipping through this month’s In Style and really loved it. I used to use Viva La Juicy, but this new version is a little less sweet (in a very good way).
Daisy is another one that I had for a long time before I honestly embraced it, despite the fact that my friends were constantly borrowing it from me and a lot of them say it is their favorite spring and summer scent. Now I love it and use it all of the time. 
Let the countdown to dresses, patio brunches and rooftops begin…

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