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Designing My Gallery Walls: Featuring Evelyn Henson Art Prints

One of the biggest projects on my mind for 2016 is to finally tackle this gallery wall project that I’ve been, *ahem*, procrastinating on since I moved back in JUNE! Not okay. I’ve come up with a lot of drafts and ideas – but when it came to executing them and actually buying, I always seem to have a reason not to do it.

I’ve finally settled on a design, and once I give my wallet a little break form the holiday splurge-fest, I plan to finally make the purchase! The trickiest part was deciding which prints should be which size (no one told me how hard  it is to find an appropriate balance between large, small and mixed!)

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to show everyone the before and after pictures, but those are a little while away, so in the meantime here is what I have settled on, with a little lot of help from Evelyn Henson:

I think I could be declared an official stalker of the Evelyn Henson Instagram account…but it paid off because I finally found all of my dream items, and they were all in once place! These prints all have such a clean and colorful look, I decided to let them speak for themselves and get all matching white frames.
I want to hang this gallery wall in the huge hallway we have when you first walk in to our apartment. Unfortunately, this space is embarrassingly empty, because our apartment is really large and we haven’t wanted to shop for a space size that we will likely never have again. 
Originally, I was looking at a completely different vibe that was more elegant and less colorful – but I figured one of the best perks of having a girl apartment is the girly decorating, so why not live it up while I still can?!
Evelyn Henson is so incredibly talented, and these prints are all fabulous, I just know they’re going to be an amazing pop of color in an otherwise drab and empty space. When I move, they will most definitely still have a home!

We also have a very drab and dreary kitchen space, and when I saw these food-themed prints I knew they would be a perfect way to brighten the whole room. I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time in there and being able to look at these every day would make it twice as much fun for me. 
*plus…how could I not buy the “brunch” print? Brunch is my favorite form of socializing, and no one does it quite like Chicago in the summer*

Counting down the days until I can show you the real thing, but in the meantime I will just have to daydream. What do you think of these prints & layouts for my gallery walls?!

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